Volunteer Policies (Strathroy Minor Hockey)

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VOLUNTEER POLICIES                              

The Strathroy District Minor Hockey Association relies heavily on the involvement of volunteers to ensure that all events are sufficiently staffed in order to run with ease and efficiency. We cannot do it without the contribution of the membership’s valuable time and effort.

Scheduling of volunteer time is arranged to provide full coverage and to afford organizers of tournaments and other SDMHA events support and assistance as needed. Every effort is made to make these volunteer opportunities reasonable and attainable. Event organizers and board members also volunteer their time to the SDMHA in order to provide an activity that benefits  all our children and the community we live in.  

  • It is the responsibility of the member to attain their volunteer times. An online sign up service has been implemented and links to the site are available on the SDMHA home page Quick Links, under the Volunteer Drop Down tap, and on each team page. Additionally, the Volunteer Coordinator can assign positions and facilitate any issues that may arise. Positions are sometimes assigned on a first come, first served basis if there is not an online availability. If you are uncertain about any aspect of signing up for volunteer hours, contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Volunteers must complete eight(8) hours of service per skater in order to receive the volunteer refund fee back (excluding Mites). Most of the volunteer opportunities available are time oriented, but a few are task based and sometimes require more or less than eight(8) hours. If you volunteer for one of these positions, then the task needs to be completed, regardless of the amount of time required.

  • Volunteers must be Age of Majority (19). A sibling can be a volunteer if they are Age of Majority (19). A family member or person other than the parent can volunteer (eg: grandparent, friend). Please let the Volunteer Coordinator know who the hours worked are for when making such arrangements.

  • It is not always possible to total exactly eight(8)hours.  If you are under the required amount of time, small assignments can be found to total the required eight(8) hours. If you exceed the eight(8)-hour amount, we thank you for being available to contribute more than required time and for understanding that your assistance is benefiting the participants and the Association.

  • If you volunteer more than eight(8) hours, the amount exceeding is transferable to another person. or carried over to the next season.

  • If you volunteer more than eight(8) hours, the amount exceeding cannot be carried over to the next season.

  • Partial volunteer hours worked will not be reimbursed. The full eight(8) hours must be worked to be eligible for the refund.

  • The fee will be repaid to the name of the person who paid the registration fee.

  • Cheques will be reimbursed to volunteers who have completed their hours following the next upcoming board meeting. The Volunteer Coordinator will have them available for pick up on a designated day, which will be communicated to the volunteers.

  • Upon Board review, failure to show up for a volunteer spot previously signed up for could result in the inability to sign up for future spots and/or forfeiture of the volunteer fee for that year.