Pat "Whitey" Stapleton Annual Achievement Award (Strathroy Minor Hockey)

PrintPat "Whitey" Stapleton Annual Achievement Award
Pat "Whitey" Stapleton Annual Achievement Award (formerly the St. Mikes Midget Award)
Presented to an outstanding Midget player both on and off the ice, the recipient of this award has positively contributed to his team on the ice and the community, school and work, off the ice.

Pat "Whitey" Stapleton Annual Achievement Award
2018-2019 Clayton Vanderwal
2017-2018  John Bradshaw
2016-2017 Josh Boere
2015-2016 Sam Somerville
2014-2015 Alex Cybulski
2013-2014 Josh Pommer
2012-2013 Kyle Down
2011-2012 Brandon Silva
2010-2011 Wes Baker
2007-2008 Bill Locke
2005-2006 Matt Steffler
2004-2005 Alex Wong
2003-2004 Jordan Crampton
1999-2000 Ryan Forsythe
1998-1999 Darryl Stubbs
1997-1998 Nathan Parker
1996-1997 Kevin Morton
1994-1995 Mike Brooks, Scott MacCharles, Jason Periard
1993-1994 Steve Hill
1990-1991 Jason Rivard
1989-1990 Brian Mitchell
1988-1989 Scott Mackey
1987-1988 Jason Rivard, Robbie Patterson
1985-1986 Darcy Tomchick
1983-1984 Robbie Patterson, Mark Routley
1981-1982 Dale LeBritton
1980-1981 Mike Tadgell
1979-1980 Brian Wilson
1978-1979 Jamie Dalton
1976-1977 Steve Tadgell
1975-1976 John VanderVelden
1974-1975 Dave Scott
1973-1974 Dick Moore
1972-1973 Gary Topping
1971-1972 Greg Hass
1970-1971 Brian Coulter
1969-1970 Mickey Prohaszka
1968-1969 Dick Oudekerk