Request to Move up Policy (Strathroy Minor Hockey)

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a. The rationale of the Player Request to Move Up process is to provide representative level players who display exceptional skill and ability at an ‘elite' level to play up an age group provided they meet the requirements outlined below.

b. The player must be properly registered with the SDMHA prior to the 1st scheduled try-out.

c. Players trying out for more than one (1) "A" team must pay an additional tryout fee for the second team. The fee amount for the additional tryout will be 50% of the regular tryout fee.

d. The player must be eligible by residence as defined by OMHA boundaries

e. A "Representative Player Request to Move Up” form must be completed and submitted to the SDMHA Vice President at least 5 days prior to the teams scheduled tryout date.

f. Any player obtaining permission to try out as an underage player will only be allowed to try out for one higher-aged team per season

g. The SDMHA Tryout Process will be used to evaluate the player. At a minimum, the Age Group Champion and Head Coach will assess the players ranking based on the standard evaluation process.

h. An underage player may only be approved for selection to the higher-aged team on one of the following conditions:

i. is evaluated and ranked as the top goaltender (U10 to U18)

ii. is evaluated and ranked as a top 4 skater (U10 to U13)

iii. is evaluated as a top 3 forward or a top 2 defensemen based on their declared tryout position (U14 to U18).

i. The Tryout Committee & Head Coach the higher-aged team may advise the underage athlete of his/her non-selection at any point after the conclusion of the first try-out. At this time, the player would return to the tryout process for their own age group.

j. The Tryout Committee & Head Coach of the higher-aged team will determine the underage player's eligibility for continuation in the tryout and evaluation process no later than the conclusion of the third try-out.

k. Representative teams from U10 through to U18 are allowed a maximum of two (2) underage players.