SDMHA Policies and Procedures Manual (Strathroy Minor Hockey)

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                            Strathroy and District Minor Hockey Association (SDMHA)                             
     Policy and Procedures Manual
March 9, 2011

The purpose of these rules is to enable Strathroy and District Minor Hockey Association to operate its hockey program in a manner consistent with its mission, its bylaws, the regulations of governing bodies and common sense.
Safety and fair play, on and off the ice, are critical to the success of the hockey program.
Updated March 6, 2013 

These rules and regulations are policies of Strathroy and District Minor Hockey Association as defined in the Bylaws and having been considered and approved by the Board of Directors on  March 1, 2011 and implemented March 9, 2011.

The Manual of Operations of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA), including playing rules, is adopted and forms part of these rules. 

Strathroy and District Minor Hockey Association - Code of Conduct
Refer to OMHA Manual of Operations
The Privacy Policy of the OMHA shall be considered a part of this Code of Conduct and will be adhered to by the Strathroy and District Minor Hockey Association and its members, coaches and volunteers.

Policy and Procedures Committee:

1/ Each year the Board of Directors shall appoint a Policy and Procedures Committee. The Policy and Procedures Committee will present their recommendations to the Board of Directors.

2/ Any person wishing to suggest an amendment to the policies and procedures shall submit such proposed amendment, in writing, to the President of the Association. The Policy and Procedures Committee shall review such request and shall forward same to the Board of Directors together with a report (whether verbal or written) indicating whether the Policy and Procedures Committee supports such amendment. The Board of Directors shall consider such proposed amendment at its next regularly scheduled meeting and shall invite the person proposing such amendment, to speak in favor of such amendment at such meeting.

3/ Any policy contained in this manual may be varied by the Board of Directors by a simple majority vote, at any regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors.

4/ The Policy and Procedures Committee shall publish an updated on-line Policy and Procedures Manual, available for inspection by any member of the Association. 

Grievance Committee:

1/ The Grievance Committee shall consist of the President of the Association and two other persons chosen by the President who are in no way related to the grievance matter or having a conflict of interest. The two additional persons shall be approved by the Board of Directors.

2/ All grievances shall be in writing, signed and delivered to the President of the Association as soon as possible after the events giving rise to such grievances.

3/ The complainant must state in the written complaint whether the complainant wishes to appear before the Committee.

4/ The Committee will review the complaint as soon as possible upon receipt and, if the complaint is about an individual, coach or committee, the Committee shall call on that individual or the members of that committee for response.

5/ The Committee shall make its response within two weeks of the meeting, while attempting to mediate any interpersonal disputes as soon as possible.

6/ The decision of the Grievance Committee shall be by way of recommendation only. Any person dissatisfied with the recommendation of the Grievance Committee may appeal such recommendation to the Board of Directors in writing.

7/ If a recommendation is appealed to the Board of Directors, any members of the Board of Directors who are also members of the Grievance Committee shall be entitled to vote, however if the recommendation appealed relates to any other committee of the association, any member of the Board of Directors who is a member of that committee shall not be entitled to vote regarding such recommendation.

 Discipline and Suspension Committee:

Generally, Ontario Minor Hockey Association rules dictate the penalties and suspensions which may be levied against a player or Team Official for conduct on, or off, the ice. However, some types of conduct, whether on or off the ice, may warrant additional discipline or suspension. All OMHA penalties and suspensions shall be considered to be minimum penalties, and any penalty set out in this policy will be in addition to such penalty.

1/ The Board of Directors shall establish a Discipline Committee consisting of the President and two other members.

2/ The Discipline Committee may suspend a Team Official, player or any association member, for any actions deemed “conduct unbecoming to the Association”.  Decisions of whether “conduct unbecoming to the Association” has occurred or not, shall be at the sole discretion of the Discipline Committee. The Discipline Committee shall determine the length of the suspension up to and including an indefinite suspension of the player, Team Official or Association member.

3/ If a Team Official has been suspended by the Discipline Committee, the Board of Directors may name a Team Official to take the place of the suspended Team Official for the duration of the suspension.

4/ Any Team Official, player or Association member may appeal any suspension levied by the Discipline Committee, in writing, to the Board of Directors, which shall hear such appeal as soon as a quorum can be established. During the period in which such appeal is pending, the persons appealing shall be permitted to continue unless subject to any suspension which may have been levied by a game official or the OMHA. The Board of Directors shall have the power to vary the Discipline Committee suspension by increasing or decreasing such suspension.

5/ In any situation where a player is believed by the members of the Discipline Committee to constitute a risk to himself or herself, other players, game officials or Team Officials, the Discipline Committee may request that the Board of Directors suspend such player for an indefinite period of time until that player is able to present to the Board of Directors evidence that the player no longer presents such a danger. Such evidence may be in the form of medical or psychological evidence, or proof that the player has taken steps to deal with anger management as may be deemed advisable by the Board of Directors.

6/ If an indefinite player suspension occurs less than one-half way through the regular season of the team on which such player played (i.e. prior to December 15), the player or the player’s parents shall be entitled to request that the player be deleted from the roster of such team and the Association shall refund to such player or such player’s parents, as the case may be, that player’s registration fee according to the cancellation policy established by the Board of Directors.




UP to Oct 1st

100% of registration

UP to Oct 31st

75% of registration

Up to Dec 15th

50% of registration

After Dec 15th

 No refunds


Registration/Cancellation Policy:            

Fundraiser fees are refundable up to Dec 15th under the following conditions:

1) Any lottery/draw has not started.                                                                                          

2) All tickets/forms are returned in their original condition.

Registration fee includes the volunteer fee cheque amount determined by the Board of Directors and communicated at the AGM.

Late fees and NSF fees will be established and communicated at the AGM

Registration refunds for first time players are on a case by case basis approved by the Board of Directors


Coaching Committee:

1/ The Board of Directors shall establish a Coaching Committee composed of not less than three members.

2/ Persons interested in coaching any team shall submit an application on a form approved by the Board of Directors.

3/ The Coaching Committee shall select the head coach for each team. The Coaching Committee will have the right to conduct potential coach interviews as the Coaching Committee deems necessary.  Head Coaches that have been in the organization for several years the committee may waive the interview process.

4/ The Head Coach shall be responsible for selecting all other Team Officials which the Head Coach may deem necessary, subject to OMHA guidelines. The Head Coach will submit the selected persons to the Coaching Convener for approval, prior to announcing the selections.

5/ Rostered Bench Staff members will have their volunteer fees returned to them once all equipment has been returned to the Equipment Manager at the end of the season.

6/ Once a Head Coach has been selected, any grievances regarding such coach shall be handled in accordance with the grievance policy.


Team Officials’ Responsibilities:

1/ Team Officials include individuals approved by the Coaching Convener and registered as Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Trainer, Assistant trainer and Manager. SDMHA will pay to register up to five carded officials for each team. 

a/ All Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Trainers, and Managers must obtain a police check, at their own expense, and submit it to the President.

b/ Head Coaches must submit a current Police Check with their coaching application. If the Police Check is not submitted, the Coaching Convenor will have the right to remove this coach from consideration.

c/ Assistant Coaches, Trainers, and Managers must have their Police Checks done by Oct 30th. It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to make sure this is done. If the Police Check is not done by this date the Coaching Convener may remove the Head Coach and the member of the coaching staff that did not comply. They will both be removed from any team involvement until the Police Check is received.

d/ A Police Check needs to be done every three (3) years as per OMHA guidelines. During the later 2 years of the 3 year term, the Team Officials will sign a declaration.

e/ The Police Check and Declaration will be kept on file for that three (3) year period, then destroyed or returned if requested.

f/ The Police Check shall be in a sealed envelope submitted to the President. It will then be forwarded to SDMHA’s screening person. (Professional designation such as a Police Officer, Chiropractor, Notary Public, Engineer, Banker, Clergy, Doctor, Lawyer, Judge, Principal, Dentist and Accountant).

g/ The screening person will have the right to approve or disapprove coaching staff based on the OMHA guidelines.

h/ The screening person may ask all questions necessary to make the proper decision.

i/ Only those persons who have a questionable Police Check need an interview with the Designated screening person.  Every Team Official has the right to appeal this decision to the Board of Directors.


A Head Coach, Team Official, or SDMHA volunteers not approved for any position in SDMHA will be based on OMHA quidelines: 

It should be noted that every staff member or volunteer once accepted, is obligated to inform the appropriate Association Executive if he or she is charged, tried or convicted of any offence under the Criminal Code or under other Provincial or Federal statutes, if that offence is relative to a position of trust held by that individual.

Bench Staff Rules:

1/ The Bylaws and Policy and Procedures are to be strictly adhered to by all Team Officials. Each Team Official will be supplied with a copy of the Bylaw and Policy and Procedures.

2/ Team Officials must be familiar with the Associations’ responsibilities and provide all necessary cooperation.

3/ When a player requires medical attention other than of the Team Trainer an OMHA approved Incident Report must be completed and submitted to the OMHA Rep. A Doctor’s release is required before the player may return to practice or play. All forms are obtainable from the OMHA Rep or at .

4/ All Team Officials are to ensure proper conduct of players and fellow Team Officials on and off the ice.  

Additional Rules for Head Coaches:

1/ Attend coaches’ meetings as required.

2/ Hold a meeting at the start of the season with players and parents in order to make them aware of the plans and goals for the season, explanation of Ontario Minor Hockey Association roster sheets, fund raising and other matters, that apply to the team. It is important to achieve consensus early as to the level of involvement in exhibition games and tournaments.

3/ Ensure all unused ice time is returned to the Ice Convener at least 72 hours in advance. This includes half ice practice times. Insure the cancelling of referees/timekeepers for games is done in a timely manner. If teams do not inform the Ice Convener and dead ice results, a team will lose their next scheduled practice.  Dead ice will be tabulated at the end of each season and identified in the year end financial reporting.

4/ Local League to the extent possible, taking into account the fact that a coach may have to attempt to balance uneven forward or defense lines, coaches shall give all players equal playing time with the exception being, during the final five minutes of the final game, or potentially final game of any playoff or tournament.

5/ For competitive teams, coaches shall attempt to play all players equally, except during any power play, during any shorthanded situation, or part of the final game or potentially final game of any playoff series, play-down series, or tournament.

6/ Ensure all Team Officials actively assist SDMHA in the various fund raising endeavors.

7/ Encourage a Representative from each team to attend monthly meeting of the Board of Directors. This will assist in effective communication to the members of the Association.

8/ Ensure that the team sponsor is contacted by a Team Official concerning team schedule (regular, playoffs, and playdowns) and team picture date.

9/ Strathroy and District Minor Hockey Association fully support the proper use of the Affiliated Player (AP) list. Coaches must contact Affiliated Player’s Head Coach each time he intends to use this player.  Coaches shall release all Affiliated Players to the requesting team if it does not interfere with games or practices of the player’s own team.

10/ Any coach wanting to affiliate a player within SDMHA must affiliate to the next higher team in his or her division. i.e. Atom LL will affiliate to Atom AE, Atom AE will affiliate to Atom A, Atom A will affiliate to Pee Wee A.

11/ Any dispute among the coaches regarding the application of the AP rules will be referred to the President and Coaching Convener for a joint decision.

12/ In the case of discipline of a player by a coach, a coach may elect not to play a player for not more than one game per occurrence. If the coach feels further discipline is required, the coach shall contact the Discipline Committee, who shall bring the matter to the Board of Directors.

13/ Each affiliated player is allowed to play up to 5 games, players playing greater than 5 games must have prior Board approval.  Note: Playing for an affiliate team in a tournament will count as 1 of their 5 allowable games. (AP Players participating in tournaments should be included when calculating the per player payment of any entry fees).


1/ If within any age category there is more than one Local League team, the players not selected for Competitive teams shall be allocated according to talent equally among the Local League teams in order to maintain the competitive balance between such teams as high as possible. The coaches of such teams will select the teams in a fair process (ie.draft). Any disputes will be decided by the Local League Convener. 

2/ All teams will be entered into their respective leagues on the following basis:
-  Rep 
-  AE (if team can be competitive)
-  Local League

Any deviations from this process must be approved by the President, Ice Convener and Coaching Convener of the Association with the understanding the Rep-AE team is not a necessity in any age category.

3/ Each team will deliver a financial statement including all sources of funds and all disbursements to the SDMHA Treasurer on or before May 1st.  


Regular/ Exhibition Games and Tournaments:

1/ All SDMHA teams will be limited to entering four (4) tournaments throughout the season. One of the four tournaments shall be the tournament that SDMHA operates. The four tournament maximum does not include the International Silver Stick Tournament as it is on an invitational basis only.

2/ No SDMHA player shall participate in a game where body-checking is permitted unless all the SDMHA participants have been instructed in a checking clinic.

3/ Regular scheduled games shall not be changed in order to play exhibition games for any reason.

4/ Any team wishing to play exhibition games must get approval from the Ice Convener. All competitive games changes to be done through the Shamrock Rep. Local League game changes are done by the coaches of each center and communicate to the Local League Convener.

5/ Any team playing in an exhibition game must use an official sheet and certified officials.

6/ All games shall have an adult team member collecting gate fees one hour before the game time. Season passes are valid for all games played prior to the completion of the regular season. Exhibition games played after the completion of the regular season, playoff games and OMHA playdown games are not covered by the Season pass. Sponsor passes are valid for all games.

7/ All games outside of OMHA jurisdiction must be approved by the Strathroy OMHA Rep.


International Silver Stick Fees:

SDMHA will donate up to $1000 CDN of the International Silver Stick entrance fee, to the Rep or AE team that wins their way into International Silver Stick tournament.
Any team getting an invitation to International Silver Stick will not be eligible for a donation from SDMHA.


OMHA Finals:

Any team reaching their OMHA finals will be eligible for a $500.00 donation from SDMHA to offset the costs to the team.


1/The colours of the association shall be red, white and blue.

2/ It is mandatory that all players under the Strathroy and District Minor Hockey Association (SDMHA) wear all the required approved hockey equipment per “CHA” rule book, at games and practices until they leave the playing area at the end of the activity period. Failure to comply may result in suspension of the player and team officials by the Board of Directors.

Coaches, Assistants and all on ice helpers must wear protective head gear during activities on the ice, in accordance with OMHA rules.

3/ Players or team officials who accept equipment from Strathroy and District Minor Hockey must return it upon request. Any player or team official failing to return equipment upon request may be disciplined until it is returned to Strathroy and District Minor Hockey, and deemed by the Equipment Convener to be in satisfactory condition.

4/ Deliberate misuse of any SDMHA equipment causing damage, will result in a fine to the guilty person equal to the replacement value of the damaged article.

5/ SDMHA will endeavor, to the best of its ability; will supply goalie equipment for all age levels. (Goalie pads, chest protector, trapper, blocker).

6/ All SDMHA equipment must be returned at the completion of the SDMHA hockey season. If the equipment is required beyond the return date, approval must be obtained from the Equipment Convener. There may be a deposit or rental fee required by post dated cheque.

Player Selection for Competitive Teams:

1/ Strathroy and District Minor Hockey Association is a “no release” centre. All players residing in the Strathroy and District Minor Hockey Association jurisdiction, as determined by the OMHA, will be expected to play within the SDMHA.

2/ SDMHA will not grant any permission to skate forms to a player unless the player is pre-registered with SDMHA by providing a post dated cheque for the full registration amount to be held in trust until team selection has occurred.

3/ Strathroy and District Minor Association believe players for competitive teams should be chosen by the SDMHA tryout procedure which is reviewed annually. Tryout procedures will be determined by the Board of Directors. Currently, the tryout procedure is an appendix to these Policies and Procedures but will be considered a part of the Policies and Procedures when it comes to altering and adhering to the tryout procedure.

4/a. The rationale of the Player Request to Move Up process is to provide representative level players who display exceptional skill and ability at an ‘elite' level to play up an age group provided they meet the requirements outlined below.

b. The player must be properly registered with the SDMHA prior to the 1st scheduled try-out.

c. Players trying out for more than one (1) "A" team must pay an additional tryout fee for the second team. The fee amount for the additional tryout will be 50% of the regular tryout fee.

d. The player must be eligible by residence as defined by OMHA boundaries

e. A "Representative Player Request to Move Up” form must be completed and submitted to the SDMHA Vice President at least 5 days prior to the teams scheduled tryout date.

f. Any player obtaining permission to try out as an underage player will only be allowed to try out for one higher-aged team per season

g. The SDMHA Tryout Process will be used to evaluate the player. At a minimum, the Age Group Champion and Head Coach will assess the players ranking based on the standard evaluation process.

h. An underage player may only be approved for selection to the higher-aged team on one of the following conditions:

i. is evaluated and ranked as the top goaltender (U10 to U18)

ii. is evaluated and ranked as a top 4 skater (U10 to U13)

iii. is evaluated as a top 3 forward or a top 2 defensemen based on their declared tryout position (U14 to U18).

i. The Tryout Committee & Head Coach the higher-aged team may advise the underage athlete of his/her non-selection at any point after the conclusion of the first try-out. At this time, the player would return to the tryout process for their own age group.

j. The Tryout Committee & Head Coach of the higher-aged team will determine the underage player's eligibility for continuation in the tryout and evaluation process no later than the conclusion of the third try-out.

k. Representative teams from U10 through to U18 are allowed a maximum of two (2) underage players.

5/ At times there are circumstances that prevent a player from trying out for a competitive team. It will be the players/parents responsibility to inform the Tryout Committee and the potential Head Coach as to the situation. The coaches will consult with the Tryout Committee concerning their interest in the player. If the coach expresses an interest, a position will be left open on one of the competitive rosters to accommodate another potential player. Otherwise, the player will be placed on a Local League team.
6/ At times there are circumstances that prevent a player from trying out for the competitive team. If the player wishes to tryout for the AE team directly, the player must recieve board approval prior to tryouts. The decision of the board will not be precedent setting.


1/ All fund-raising events by individual teams must be communicated to the Fund Raising Convener prior to the event.

2/ Team fund raising is to be kept to a minimum. The Board of Directors will set a maximum per player as required. Currently it is set at $100/ player.

3/ Under no circumstances will a fund raising event be approved if it conflicts with a SDMHA run event. SDMHA carries out many fund raising events and teams are cautioned not to make commitments until their event has been duly authorized by the Board of Directors.

4/Volunteer hours are not be accumulated each Season and carried over into the next Season.

5/Team Officials with more than 1 player registered in SDMHA will qualify for a full refund of their volunteer fees paid for all registered players once it is deemed that they have fulfilled their obligations as a Team Official.

Ice Time Policy:

The purpose of this Ice Policy is to ensure fair and equal use of ice time allotted to all Teams under the jurisdiction of the Strathroy and District Minor Hockey Association.  

1/ To the extent possible, SDMHA shall attempt to allocate equal ice time to all teams, subject to playoff schedules and number of league games such team may have scheduled. Each team under the jurisdiction of the SDMHA will have one scheduled practice time and one scheduled game time per week. This will vary depending on Statutory Holidays and Black Out dates during each season. 

2/ Any ice that is scheduled to a team that will not be used by that team due to conflicts with League Schedules, Tournaments or any other reason must be returned to the Ice Convener for reallocation to other teams that have lost ice due to Black Out dates. If ice is returned to the Ice Convener, it is not guaranteed a team will get ice in return. In most situations, a team that returns ice time is utilizing ice time elsewhere by playing in a tournament or a game in another center.

3/ A master ice schedule will be kept on the SDMHA website Practice ice will be used for practices and game ice will be used for games, “unless a team getting ice from the ice convener does not have a League game to make up, in that case it may only be used for practice ice.” No team will be permitted to play games on practice ice unless approved by the President, Ice Convener and appropriate League Representative. Certain circumstances may vary this rule. i.e.: Games cancelled due to storms, power failures, equipment failures, etc. The above mentioned parties will decide each situation on an individual basis.

4/ It is the intent of the SDMHA to run its program out of the Gemini Sportsplex. By solely using the Gemini Sportsplex, there is less chance of teams or referees going to the wrong Arena by mistake. Everything under one roof ensures all parties involved of being in the right building. Also all SDMHA equipment and offices are all located here as well. The West Middlesex Memorial Arena will be used on an as needed basis.

5/ There will be limited trading of ice between teams, at all times the Ice Convener is to be made aware of the changes that teams are doing.

6/ A portion of Travel Fees go for extra practice ice time. This ice will only be used for practices. No exhibition games will be scheduled on this practice ice unless approved by the President or Ice Convener. 

7/ Atom, Novice, and Tyke teams may share practice ice.

8/ Teams can practice with a team one age group above or below. 

9/ In allocating practice times, players up to including Pee Wee age groups shall, if possible, be allocated practice times ending prior to 9:00 p.m.

10/ Scheduling of League Playoff Games and dates must be done through the appropriate League Representative. Ultimately all playoff games should be scheduled on a team’s regular weekly game time but there are circumstances that will prevent this. Call your League Representative. If the opposing team makes it difficult for a team to schedule a playoff game, the League Rep will help resolve the issue.

11/ Any team wishing to book and pay for additional ice must do so through the Ice Convener. Any team that books additional ice will also be responsible to pay SDMHA, who will remit the payment to the Township of Strathroy-Caradoc.

12/ Teams that do not adhere to this ice policy will be overlooked when ice becomes available.

13/ The Ice Convener is the only authorized booking agent for ice for SDMHA with the Township of Strathroy-Caradoc Recreation Department.


1/ All purchases over $250.00 shall be approved by the Board of Directors.

2/ All major purchases shall be brought before the Board of Directors for approval prior to purchasing. There will be at least two competitive bids presented to the Board before the Board authorizes the expenditure.

3/ While maintaining good financial stewardship, the Association should encourage the purchase of goods and services from local businesses and/ or businesses which are providing current financial support to the Association.

Logo Protection Policy

It is the intent of SDMHA to protect the use and application of the SDMHA logos and property.

All clothing apparel and merchandise will be procured through the SDMHA Board approved suppliers. Any unauthorized use of the SDMHA logos and trademarks will be dealt with. Should a member of SDMHA have an alternate source of merchandise they can bring a sample before the Board. Approval will generally be given, providing that any monetary agreements that may be in place with an authorized reseller of SDMHA apparel will have to be met by this supplier.

Logo Protection Policy adopted January 2006.

Social Media Policy

The Executive of SDMHA has adopted the following Social Media Policy.


For the purpose of this Social Media and Networking Policy, the policy will encompass public communications through such internet mediums and websites as Email, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare and any other social media network that allows users to communicate online.


The policy will be applicable to all members of the SDMHA, including Executive, Teams, SDMHA members, parents/guardians, staff, on-ice and off-ice officials, players.

SDMHA recognizes and appreciates the value of social media and the importance of social networking to all of its stakeholders. SDMHA also respects the right of all Teams and Association personnel to express their views publicly. At the same time we must be aware of the dangers social media and networking can present.


The purpose of this policy is to educate the SDMHA Community on the risks of social media and to ensure all Teams and Association personnel are aware that conduct deemed to be inappropriate will be subject to disciplinary action by the SDMHA .




a) SDMHA holds all members who participate in social media and networking to the same standards as it does for all other forms of media including radio, television and print.

b) Comments or remarks of an inappropriate nature which are detrimental to a Team, the Association or an individual will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action.

c) It should be recognized that social media comments are on the record and instantly published and available to the public and media. Everyone including Association and/or Team personnel, players, parents/guardians, corporate partners and the media can review social media communications. You should conduct yourself in an appropriate and professional manner at all times.

d) Refrain from divulging confidential information of a personal or team related nature.

e) Use your best judgment at all times – pause before posting. Once your comments are posted they cannot be retracted. Ultimately, you are solely responsible for your comments and they are published for the public record.

f) Inappropriate comments or remarks from another association should be reported to the SDMHA board for immediate follow-up.




The following are examples of conduct through social media and networking mediums that are considered violations of the SDMHA Social Media and Networking Policy and may be subject to disciplinary action by the Strathroy District Minor Hockey Association.

a) Any statement deemed to be publicly critical of Association officials or detrimental to the welfare of a member,Team, the Association or an individual.

b) Divulging confidential information that may include, but is not limited to the following: any matter of a sensitive nature to a member Team, SDMHA or any individual.

c) Negative or derogatory comments about any member of the Team, SDMHA, League staff, programs, stakeholders, players or any member of an opposing team.

d) Any form of bullying, harassment or threats against players or officials.

e) Photographs, video or comments promoting negative influences or criminal behavior.

f) Online activity that contradicts the current policies of the SDMHA.

g) Inappropriate, derogatory, racist, or sexist comments of any kind.

h) Online activity that is meant to alarm other individuals or to misrepresent fact or truth.



The SDMHA will investigate reported violation(s) of this policy. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Discipline policy and guidelines of the SDMHA. Such action may result in the member losing the privileges that come with membership in the SDMHA, including the opportunity to participate in SDMHA activities.


5.      SUMMARY


All members of SDMHA should remember to use the same discretion with social media and networking as they do with other traditional forms of media.

SDMHA members agree to adhere to all conditions set forth with in the Social Media Policy. It is understood that violating the guidelines set forth within the policy will lead to appropriate disciplinary action against both parents and or child/player.

Social Media Policy adopted February 2019.